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What are the selection requirements for centrifugal fans?

  • Date:02-12-2021
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    The centrifugal fan model determines the performance cu […]

    The centrifugal fan model determines the performance curve
    1. The performance curve is divided into a dimensional curve and a non-dimensional curve:
    ①The dimensional curve is the basis for judging whether it meets the requirements of the site, and the dimensionality represents the particularity.
    ②The dimensionless curve is the basis for describing the characteristics of the fan, and the dimensionless represents universality.
    2. According to the known density, speed, model, and round the fan number after rough calculation, using the software's point drawing function, the fan's dimensional performance curve can be expressed.
    3. At the same time, the working condition point of the calibrated fan can also be listed with a dimension performance table, and the position of the calibrated working condition point can be further calculated according to the actual working condition performance to obtain the internal power of the fan.

    The specific speed of the centrifugal fan
    1. Substitute the performance parameters and speed converted to the standard state of the fan into the calculation formula of specific speed, and different specific speeds can be obtained according to different speeds:
    ①The first-order specific speed is the basis for single-suction fans.
    ②The second-order specific speed is the basis of the double-suction fan.
    2. because the calculation of the specific speed is an important step in the selection process of the centrifugal fan, it is the main basis for judging the specific model of the fan.
    3. According to the calculated specific speed, select the fan model and determine whether the corresponding point is in the high-energy zone. If it is, the fan number is calculated based on the corresponding flow coefficient or pressure coefficient.

    Determine the flow, density and pressure of the centrifugal fan gas, which are the three elements of the centrifugal fan selection process.
    1. Pressure: According to the given or calculated working condition density, the working condition pressure is converted into the pressure of the fan under the standard state. If the fan is equipped with an air intake box or a muffler, its pressure loss needs to be considered
    2.Flow rate:
    ①If the centrifugal fan requires the mass flow rate of the gas, the mass flow rate of the gas needs to be converted to the volume flow rate under the standard state of the fan.
    ②If the system requires the volume flow of gas, the volume flow under the standard state of the fan is the same as the volume flow under the working condition.
    3. Density: If the density is not given, it is necessary to calculate or convert the density of the working gas according to the working environment of the fan, such as altitude, local atmospheric pressure, working temperature, and gas standard density.

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