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What else should be considered when choosing a centrifugal fan?

  • Date:23-08-2021
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    The types, styles and models of centrifugal fans availa […]

    The types, styles and models of centrifugal fans available on the market vary greatly, and the prices vary greatly. Many customers choose this equipment and often give priority to price. Of course, price is one of the main points to consider, but it is not the only way to measure its quality. Standards, what should be considered besides price?

    When purchasing a centrifugal fan, general customers should place an order from a regular manufacturer. These regular manufacturers not only have a complete range, but also produce a wide range of product specifications, reliable quality, and customers can use it with confidence.

    Of course, the prices of different types of centrifugal fans are different. Customers need to find the differences through comparison, and then choose the appropriate model according to actual needs.

    When customers refer to the price, they should also consider the performance, parameters and functions of the product. For example, the speed of the motor start-up time, if the start-up is very slow, it will affect the normal use time of the equipment. The starting power of the motor also needs to be considered. If the power is large, the power consumption of the motor will be large. Therefore, customers need to choose a model with moderate power and high efficiency.

    In addition, it is also necessary to consider several aspects such as the vibration of the fan and the energy consumption of the impeller.

    Since centrifugal fans are widely used in industry, when customers choose and use their favorite equipment, they must master the correct operation method to avoid damage to the equipment due to improper operation. Especially if there are some situations during use, the equipment must be stopped urgently.

    During use, the equipment is found to vibrate strongly. At this time, the equipment has exceeded the trip value. If the operation is not stopped urgently, it may cause equipment failure. When the equipment emits smoke, the customer should be aware of a major failure of the equipment, stop the operation in time, and seek professional repairs.


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