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What points should be paid attention to when installing centrifugal fans?

  • Date:18-08-2021
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    In mines, factories, cooling towers, tunnels, buildings […]

    In mines, factories, cooling towers, tunnels, buildings and other places, we will see centrifugal fans. What is it used for? Its main purpose is to ventilate, cool, remove dust, and induce air. What points should we pay attention to when installing?

    1. Before installation, you need to read the product manuals and product samples carefully, understand and be familiar with the specifications, forms, impeller rotation direction, etc. of the centrifugal fan, and check whether the various accessories of the product are complete and intact. If there are damaged accessories, you need to repair them first. Install again.

    2. In order to avoid accidents, safety devices should be installed during installation. It is recommended that professionals install them, especially in connection with wiring.

    3. The air pipe connecting the inlet and outlet of the centrifugal fan should have a separate support. The pipe should not be added to the accessories of the centrifugal fan. When installing, pay attention to the correct position. Generally, it is required to be placed horizontally, and the air outlet pipe It must flow out a certain distance from the ground.

    4. After installation, check whether the installation is proper by turning the impeller. Under normal circumstances, the impeller will not rotate too tightly or collide. If there is no abnormality, then a trial operation can be carried out, and the installation can be performed on the outside of the fan drive. A protective cover.

    5. It should be noted that the distribution box of the centrifugal fan should match some parameters of the equipment. Such as rate, voltage, etc.

    6. ​​Generally speaking, the centrifugal fan is wired by a professional electrician when wiring. The wiring number at the electric control box should be consistent with the number on the fan, and a safe and reliable grounding device should be made.

    After all the centrifugal fans are installed, check whether there are tools and sundries inside the sharp, if there are any, take them out. Need to pay attention to avoid over-current operation in use.


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