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What is the difference between AC, DC and EC fans?

  • Date:22-09-2021
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    Fans are divided into AC fans, DC fans, and EC fans acc […]

    Fans are divided into AC fans, DC fans, and EC fans according to different drive motors. The difference between the three types of fans is actually that the motors used by the fans are different, and their input power and control signals are different.

    AC (Alternating Current, alternating current) fan is an AC power frequency fan, input AC power, power frequency operation, only high, medium and low three-speed air volume, need to increase the frequency converter to frequency conversion speed regulation.

    The DC (Direct Current, direct current) fan is a DC variable frequency fan. The input DC power needs to be externally converted from AC to DC. Commonly used are 12V, 24V, 310V, etc., and DC310V is mostly used for fresh air.

    EC (Electrical Commutation) fan is a DC brushless fan, input AC power, built-in intelligent control module, convert AC to DC use, and can adjust the speed according to the ambient temperature, low power consumption, only an industrial standard fan 1/3 of it.

    AC fan has simple structure, low manufacturing cost and wide application. Compared with a DC fan, it is easy to maintain and simple to control, but its disadvantages are large power consumption and high noise.

    The DC fan has good starting characteristics and speed regulation characteristics. The use of DC is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than AC. The disadvantage is that the controller needs to output DC power for it, and the electromagnetic radiation is large.

    EC fan, high intelligence, high energy saving, high efficiency, long life, low vibration, low noise, has obvious advantages in energy saving and noise reduction. The disadvantage is that the manufacturing cost is relatively high, and the later maintenance is complicated.

    For the above three types of fans, AC is an AC fan, and DC and EC are DC fans. AC and EC use alternating current, and DC uses direct current, which requires additional conversion of alternating current to direct current.


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