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What is the general structure of a roots blower?

  • Date:02-08-2021
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    Roots blowers are generally composed of rotors, gears, […]

    Roots blowers are generally composed of rotors, gears, bearings, seals and casings and other main components. And it has the characteristics of stable operation, high operation efficiency, low noise and low vibration.

    1) Rotor

    The rotor of a Roots blower consists of an impeller and a shaft. The impeller can be divided into linear and spiral. The number of blades of the impeller is generally two blades and three blades.

    2) Gear

    The rotation of the two-blade rotors in the Roots blower shell is based on the meshing of their respective gears to synchronously transmit torque, so the gears are also called "synchronous gears", which are used for transmission and impeller positioning. The structure of the synchronous gear is relatively complicated, consisting of a ring gear and a gear hub, and is positioned by a conical pin. The synchronizing gear is divided into a driving wheel and a driven wheel, and one end of the driving wheel is connected with the coupling.



    3) Bearing

    Roots blowers generally use rolling bearings. Rolling bearings have the advantages of easy maintenance, reducing the axial size of the fan, and easy lubrication.

    4) Seal

    The sealing part of the Roots blower is mainly in the gap between the drive shaft extending from the casing and the casing. Its structure is relatively simple. Generally, labyrinth seals, expanding ring seals and seals are used. The oil seal of the bearing adopts skeleton type rubber oil seal.

    5) Chassis

    The casing of the Roots blower has an integral type and a horizontal split type, with a simple structure. For gas blowers and absorption tower blowers that are commonly used in chemical plants with larger power, most of them use horizontally split blower casings that are convenient for maintenance and installation.



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