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What is the reason for the unstable speed of AC centrifugal fan motor?

  • Date:26-07-2021
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    AC centrifugal fans play a very important role in indus […]

    AC centrifugal fans play a very important role in industrial production, and play an important role in sewage treatment, metallurgy and chemical industries. But sometimes we may find that the motor of the AC centrifugal fan has unstable speed. Then why does such a problem arise? This article will give some explanations.

    Reasons and solutions for the unstable speed of AC centrifugal fan motor

    Centrifugal fan is a machine that relies on input mechanical energy to increase gas pressure and discharge gas. It is a driven fluid machine. Centrifugal fans are widely used for ventilation, dust exhaust and cooling of factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings; ventilation and induced air for boilers and industrial furnaces; cooling and cooling in air conditioning equipment and household appliances. Ventilation; drying and selective delivery of grains; air source of wind tunnel and inflation and propulsion of hovercraft, etc.

    When the air between the blades of the centrifugal fan rotates, it is subjected to centrifugal force to obtain kinetic energy (dynamic head) and is discharged from the periphery of the impeller, and is guided by the volute-shaped casing to flow to the outlet of the fan, thus in the center of the impeller Negative pressure is formed, so that the external airflow continuously flows in and supplements, so that the fan can discharge the gas.

    Reasons for vibration caused by unbalanced rotor of centrifugal fan:

    1, the centrifugal fan blades are corroded or worn seriously;

    2. The fan blades do not operate after the final assembly, due to the weight of the impeller and the main shaft, the shaft is bent

    3, uneven attachments on the surface of the impeller, such as rust, dust or asphalt, etc.;

    4. The impeller is deformed due to transportation, installation or other reasons, causing the impeller to lose its balance;

    5. The balance block on the impeller falls off or the balance is not found after overhaul;


    1, repair or replacement;

    2, re-overhaul, if it is not used for a long time after the final assembly, it should be turned regularly to prevent the shaft from bending;

    3, remove attachments;

    4. Repair the impeller and re-do the static and dynamic balance test;

    5, find balance;


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