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A300-5N External Rotor Motor Axial Fan

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300-5N-datu 300-5N-erwei

material:Cold rolled steel

Protection Class: IP44

Approvals: CCC CE

Insulation class: F
1.Applicable to high airflow;
2.Applicable to low pressure;a
3.Applicable to small system resistance occasions.

1.Condensers, Evaporators;
2.Chillers, Cooling Units;
3.Air-conditioning Fans;
4.Exhaust Ventilation;
5.Cold Storage.

Voltage Frequency Current Input Power Speed Capacitor Air Flow Noise Temperature  Curve No.  Approvals
Type V Hz A W rpm uF m3/h/CFM dB(A) Min/Max(℃) #
A2D300S-5BN-AN00 380/400 50 0.56 270 2750 3000 /1764 72 -30/ +60 CCC,CE,RoHS
60 0.70 400 3100 3200 /1882 73


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